Sunday, July 10, 2011

@DrJosephKim quoted in this @CNN @Money article about health care #jobs

I'm quoted in this CNN Money article titled, "Health care jobs a bright spot for hiring." Many people choose to pursue careers in health care because of the job stability associated with the health care market. These days, even in a depressed economy, there are many new health care jobs that are being added on a regular basis. Why is this happening? Here's the bottom line: the aging population coupled with changes driven by health care reform will add a number of new jobs in the health care industry.

There are also changing trends in the ways hospitals are hiring physicians or practice groups. Many independent private practice physicians are choosing to be employed by hospital systems and they are choosing salaried models of reimbursement. When a hospital hires a private practice physician to work as a salaried physician employee, that's considered a new job for the hospital. Technically, the physician switched from working as an independent contractor to a salaried employee for the hospital. The hospital records that they added and filled a new job position.

In reality, these health care job statistics published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics may be a bit misleading right since so many physicians are switching from the private practice model to a salaried model.

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