Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Job Post: Outreach Specialist

Outreach Specialist
Cooley's Anemia Foundation - Syracuse-Buffalo, NY 13210
Outreach Specialist Wanted for Upstate New York

The Cooley’s Anemia Foundation (CAF), as part of a cooperative agreement with the CDC, is initiating a focused outreach campaign in upstate New York to identify and meet with doctors whose patient list includes individuals with thalassemia, a serious and sometimes life threatening genetic blood disorder. The goals of this project are to (1) add to CAF’s medical providers list doctors who care for individuals with thalassemia but who are currently unknown to the Foundation, and (2) add to CAF’s Patient Registry thalassemia patients currently unknown to the Foundation so that they may receive educational information and support which can positively impact their outcomes.

The outreach specialist’s responsibilities will include the following:

• Meet with CAF/CDC to discuss initial approaches and strategies.
• Consult with CDC/CAF regarding the development of a questionnaire and materials for use in contacting doctors.
• Develop a list of doctors (hematologists, OB/GYNs) who may potentially be seeing thalassemic individuals not identified in CAF Registry. (This list will include doctors who are seeing patients currently in CAF Registry, to determine if these doctors are also treating patients who are NOT in the Registry.)
• Prioritize doctors on list and map out plan for contacting doctors.
• Review plan with CAF/CDC.
• Initiate contact with doctors.
• Inform doctors of purpose of contact.
• Distribute materials for doctors to pass on to patients.
• Continue to follow-up with doctors who do not respond to initial contact.
• Follow up with doctors who have received materials for patients which have not been returned to CAF.
• Weekly phone meetings with CAF/CDC to report on progress, discuss obstacles, etc.
• Create monthly written progress reports for CAF/CDC.
• Provide ongoing feedback between weekly phone meetings (if necessary) in order to “troubleshoot” any challenges that may arise and need immediate attention.
• Submit written final report at end of project period.

This is a part time, temporary position. Work will begin in June and must be completed no later than September 20, 2011. Total estimated number of hours = 200.

Candidates with field-based clinical education expertise (e.g., medical science liaison) with a background in hematology preferred; previous familiarity with thalassemia is a definite plus. Candidates based in upstate New York preferred. The successful candidate should exhibit an ease in dealing with people and a persuasive, yet not off-putting, manner; flexibility is crucial. Position requires considerable amounts of travel throughout upstate New York; candidate must have access to his/her own car. (Travel related expenses will be reimbursed.)

For more information about thalassemia or about CAF, please visit www.cooleysanemia.org.

Thank you.

Resume & cover letter to c.butler@cooleysanemia.org

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