Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit and Business Plan Competition

Today’s older adults are more active than their predecessors and they have very different interests and motivations. Consequently, baby boomers and older adults are demanding products and services from an economy that is not prepared to meet their needs. This presents a tremendous window of opportunity for unprecedented profits and growth, even in a challenging economic climate. With the right business plan, direction and commitment to succeed, entrepreneurs are poised to help increase the quality of life for many while creating a successful business in the process.

Since 2004, Santa Clara University and Mary Furlong & Associates have co-produced the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit and Business Plan Competition, and each year has been more successful than the one before. The event brings together entrepreneurs, leaders in the field of aging and the venture community to create a unique forum to explore, share and design products and services that will dominate the baby boomer market in coming years. In addition, this program is designed to teach entrepreneurs how to think through a business.

2011 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit and Business Plan Competition
June 15, 2011
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

  1. Meet the venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists who can fund your boomer/senior caregiving venture
  2. Learn how to accelerate sales in your boomer/senior caregiving venture
  3. Discover how to meet the caregiver customer online and through workforce channels
  4. Learn how to reach the boomer, senior and caregiver through print, online media and partnerships
  5. Discover the latest research about the 78 million-strong boomer market
  6. Meet the angels who fund early-stage ventures
  7. Gain the latest insights how corporations are using cause related marketing to serve the needs of boomers, seniors and caregivers
  8. Find out how to accelerate your AARP partnership; discover their latest market research
  9. Secure the funding base of your nonprofit organization by developing partnerships that work
  10. Network, network, network!
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