Thursday, June 30, 2011

Entrepreneurship Executive Education at Harvard Business School

Interested in entrepreneurial executive education? If you live in the Boston area, perhaps you should consider taking these courses at Harvard Business School:

Building New Businesses in Established Organizations
July 17–21, 2011 (HBS Campus)
Learn how large organizations can drive growth by developing a business portfolio with mature product/service lines and internal start-ups. This program helps you develop new organizations while managing day-to-day business. You'll explore the entrepreneurial mindset, processes, corporate resources, and leadership skills needed to drive innovation and ensure the success of new initiatives.

Launching New Ventures
February 19–24, 2012 (HBS Campus)
Develop the diverse skills required to transform a new business opportunity into a successful company in today's business environment. Focusing on the challenges facing entrepreneurs in small-to-midsize companies, this program helps you make sound investment and management decisions, build a strong team, exploit disruptive opportunities, define new business initiatives, and sell your concept to investors, partners, and other parties.

The launch of a new venture—whether a new company or a new business line within an established firm—requires entrepreneurial leaders who can overcome obstacles with a special blend of solid management skills and laser-sharp focus. Bringing critical knowledge in areas such as R&D, finance, marketing, and organizational structure, these programs help you drive innovation, manage risk, and transform ideas into profitable businesses.

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