Friday, April 29, 2011

Featured physician executive: David A. Fryburg, M.D.

This week's featured physician executive is David A. Fryburg, M.D. This press release about Dr. Fryburg appeared a few weeks ago:

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – April 4, 2011 – Selventa™ announced today that David A. Fryburg, M.D. has been appointed Chief Medical Officer effective immediately. Dr. Fryburg brings over 20 years of clinical and pharmaceutical research experience to the Selventa team. As part of the leadership team, Dr. Fryburg’s new responsibilities include contributing to Selventa’s scientific strategy, particularly through his expertise in translational medicine and biomarker development. These contributions are a critical component of Selventa’s goal to optimize pharmaceutical portfolio development through early patient stratification.

“David is a renowned expert in translational sciences. His industry experience and expertise will be invaluable in reshaping R&D by prioritizing and positioning patient stratification early in the process,” said Dr. David de Graaf, President and CEO of Selventa. “David’s extensive knowledge will undoubtedly be instrumental in not only strategically driving our corporate vision of personalized healthcare, but also implementing its concept in the industry.”

Selventa leverages patient data and innovative analytics to find optimal treatments for the right patients. Ultimately, the value includes portfolio optimization through evidence-driven identification and validation of mechanisms for patient stratification and combination therapies, which maximize broad response or desired efficacy.

“Selventa is addressing a critical need in R&D by leveraging existing patient data to understand disease heterogeneity and identifying key disease driving mechanisms at the level of individual patients,” said Dr. Fryburg. “This concept re-emphasizes the importance of understanding the molecular diversity in human disease and the contributing factors that, when integrated, create a patient’s phenotype. As applied to drug discovery and development, this approach should facilitate identifying the patient population most likely to benefit from single or combination therapies. I am thrilled to be part of this team.”

Before joining Selventa, Dr. Fryburg was Executive Director and Global Translational Medicine Lead for cardiovascular, metabolic and endocrine diseases at Pfizer. He was responsible for the development, management and integration of diverse translational medicine strategies in these therapeutic areas across Pfizer’s R&D organization. He earned his M.D. from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University and BA from The Johns Hopkins University.

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