Friday, March 4, 2011

Join us on March 13 (Sun) to discuss physician careers in the pharmaceutical industry (part 2)

Join us on March 13 for our next conference call about physician careers in the pharmaceutical industry (part 2): 

March 13, 2011 (Sun) at 9 PM Eastern  

Join us for "Part 2" of the discussion titled: 

"Physician Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Part 2 of 2)" (the recording for Part 1 will be available shortly)

Presenters include:
Part 2 will occur on March 13 (Sun evening) at 9 pm EST and we will focus on specific job descriptions, requirements, and opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry. We will expand our discussion and include topics such as: strategic networking, ways to gain experience, and working with recruiters. We will also highlight specific job opportunities that are currently available at a number of different pharmaceutical companies.

The fee to participate is $50.

This call will be open to 15 people and will be highly interactive so come prepared with questions. The call will last approximately 60 minutes and the entire call will be recorded.

Those who are unable to attend will have the opportunity to purchase an archived version of the conference call.

"Let's Talk NonClinicalJobs" is a conference call service for physicians, medical students, and others who are interested in learning about career transition and who are ready to pursue non-clinical job opportunities. This service is being provided as a cost-effective option for those who are unable to afford individualized career coaching services or for those who are simply exploring non-clinical possibilities.

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