Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Physician Reentry Into The Workforce Project

Physician reentry into clinical practice can be defined as returning to professional activity/clinical practice for which one has been trained, certified or licensed after an extended period. This is an issue that cuts across genders and specialties. However, anecdotal evidence indicates that reentry into the workforce will affect women more often than men. Although there is paucity of data on this complex topic, many agree that it is an issue that is gaining prominence.

The Reentry Project is a collaborative endeavor of organizations and individuals both within and external to pediatrics that aims to examine the diverse issues encompassed under the rubric of "reentry." The Reentry Project aims to develop resources and strategies to assist organizations as well as individual physicians who are seeking physician reentry information.

The August 12, 2010 online edition of Physicians News Digest includes the article, Physician Re-Entry: One Way to Address the Physician Shortage by Nielufar Varjavand, MD.

The spring 2010 issue of the Journal of Continuing Education in The Health Professions includes the article, An Educational Intervention to Return Nonpracticing Physicians to Clinical Activity: A Case Study in Physician Reentry by Elizabeth A. Bower, Clea English, Dongseok Choi, Andrea S. Cedfelot and Donald E. Girard. been updated with new resources for physicians and organizations.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has both supported and funded The Physician Reentry into the Workforce Project since its inception in 2005. The Reentry Project is directed by the AAP Division of Workforce and Medical Education Policy.

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