Monday, January 3, 2011

10 Most Popular Articles on for 2010

2010 was a fantastic year for Compared to 2009, we saw a traffic increase of over 220%! This was possible because you showed your support by sharing this resource with others. Thank you.

Here are the 10 most popular articles for 2010:
  1. Non-Clinical Medical Opportunities for Physicians and Other Clinicians 
  2. How to Get Started
  3. Alternative Physician Careers
  4. Jobs for Physicians with No Residency Experience
  5. Finding the Right Non-Clinical Opportunity
  6. Best alternative careers for physicians
  7. How to explore alternative physicians careers
  8. Entry-level non-clinical jobs for physicians  
  9. Search for Non-Clinical Jobs
  10. Career Coaching for Physicians
We saw that 44,179 pages were viewed a total of 357,388 times.

Total Pageviews: 357,388 (Compared to 2009, this represents a 220% increase)
Unique Pageviews: 278,184 (Compared to 2009, this represents a 235% increase)

Thanks for showing your support for by visiting frequently and by sharing this resource with others.

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