Thursday, November 11, 2010

A fully-paid MBA degree program + job opportunity

Do you think you could find an MBA program where you would receive full corporate sponsorship? You may find that opportunity if you're currently working for a large employer and if they provide some type of tuition reimbursement. There's another option. The University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business has something called the Customer-Driven MBA program. Here's more information about this unique opportunity:

Customer-Driven MBA

The University of Memphis Fogelman College of Business and Memphis-based Corporate Partners are proud to introduce the Customer-Driven MBA program; the nation’s only full-time Corporate Sponsored MBA program that is uniquely designed to emphasize specific industry needs. By partnering with Memphis-based corporations, the Fogelman College of Business & Economics can offer students the opportunity to obtain an industry-centered graduate education with assistantships and full-time employment upon successful completion of the degree.

The full-time Customer-Driven MBA is a 4-semester program that entails assistantships throughout the 21-month period with 10-hour work weeks during the semesters and 40-hour work weeks in the summer between year-one and two.

The AACSB accredited MBA curriculum will encompass business core courses as well as courses on developing essential skills in law, governance and ethics; emotional intelligence, teamwork, leadership; and, critical thinking, creativity, innovation and problem solving.

In addition to the skills acquired through the core curriculum, the student will be given the opportunity to choose a specific industry track that he/she would like to pursue professionally. 12 credit hours of curriculum have been developed by top companies in Biomedical; Entrepreneurship; Retail and Logistics Marketing in order to create an educational pathway centered on the unique needs of these industries.

This program provides tremendous value to corporate partners, students and to the university alike. The sponsoring corporate partners will benefit by having qualified professionals trained with specific industry-related education and company-specific processes; skills that they would not otherwise be able to acquire from any other MBA program. In addition, the company will reap the rewards of having an experienced professional working for the company throughout the program with an extended commitment of employment for a minimum of 2 years post-graduation. The benefit to students include a fully accredited MBA program completely sponsored by top Memphis-based corporations providing direct assistantships for hands-on training with a promise for full-time employment immediately after graduation. Lastly, the Fogelman College of Business & Economics will benefit by pioneering a world-class MBA program tailored to meet the needs of today’s most ubiquitous industries.

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Click here for more information about the Customer-Driven MBA program.

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