Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UMass Memorial Health Care cutting 350 jobs

If you think that a career in health care is "stable" and "recession-proof," you may want to think again. UMass Memorial Health Care is cutting 350 hospital jobs. Here's a snippet from a story on
The health care system, which operates the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester and four community hospitals in Central Massachusetts, said it expects to lay off 130 workers, freeze 120 vacant jobs, and shed the equivalent of 100 jobs by reducing overtime and shifting employees from full time to part time. The system employs 13,700 workers... The staff reductions will affect a range of hospital workers, from nurses and pharmacists to finance and marketing managers.
They don't mention that they're cutting physician jobs. However, physicians are not immune to the recession. I know a number of physicians who are currently struggling to find jobs (clinical or non-clinical jobs). Let's hope that things start picking up soon so that we'll see more new jobs appearing.

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