Thursday, October 7, 2010

5 Insider Tips for the Perfect Resume

There's an article on BioSpace titled, "HR and Hiring Experts Provide 5 Insider Tips for the Perfect Resume." What happens when you speak with HR professionals who work in the pharma/biotech (biopharma) industry about resumes.

Here are some interesting things to consider as you apply for jobs online:

“Computers are evaluating your resume, not people.”
“1 out of 5 resumes is unreadable.”
“Hiring managers don’t have time to read your resume either!”

According to real insiders, if you really want the perfect resume, you should keep these 5 simple thoughts in mind:

1. Applicants need to research the keywords important to the job.
2. Highlight years of experience and put bullet point summaries up front.
3. Unless requested, save your cover letter for after the screening process.
4. Apply a little “shock and awe” approach by touting some company knowledge up front.
5. Why not use the software screening system to your advantage?

You can read the complete article here on BioSpace.

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