Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Physician Executive MBA

If you type "Physician Executive MBA" into Google, you'll see 2 business schools pop up on the first page:
  • Physician Executive MBA Program - University of Tennessee
  • Auburn University Physicians Executive MBA
There are many other Executive MBA programs specifically for physicians, but they're not popping up on the first page of Google.  Why? Because the majority of Executive MBA or EMBA programs are not specifically tailored just for physicians. There are some that focus on healthcare, but those programs are generally open to pharmacists, nurses, and other health care professionals.

Physician EMBA programs are almost exclusively geared for physicians who wish to improve their leadership skills and learn how to become more effective physician executives in the world of medical management.  Speaking of medical management, you could also choose to pursue a Master of Medical Management or MMM degree from a number of schools that offer this relatively new degree.
  • Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College Master of Medical Management
  • University of Southern California Marshall Master of Medical Management
What's a physician executive? Visit the American College of Physician Executives or ACPE website.

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