Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How blogging could lead to some great job opportunities

Have you thought about starting a blog? If you create the right type of blog, then your blog could help you find a great job. How? There are several reasons:
  1. If you start a blog, you could gain recognition as a subject matter expert in a specific field. A potential employer who is looking for a consultant or an employee might stumble upon your blog and may offer you a job position. 
  2. Once you engage other bloggers and industry professionals, you'll build relationships that may lead to some great job opportunities. In short, blogging opens up many doors in the world of social networking.  Networking is a critical step in finding a job.
  3. Blogging can allow you to think about what you're hoping to accomplish in life. When you write each blog post, you may be thinking about your future and the different job possibilities that may interest you. As you continue to blog, you're mentally preparing yourself for future interviews.
  4. When you blog, you discover many new things. These new discoveries can lead to some great discussions during job interviews.
  5. Blogging helps you establish your personal brand. If you create a great blog, you'll immediately differentiate yourself from all the other job hunters out there. 
I could go on, but those are some of the reasons that jump to the top of my head. So, what's keeping you from starting a blog? If you choose to jump into the blogosphere, make sure you're dedicated and persistent. After all, you don't want people to think that you're an easy quitter, do you?

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