Sunday, May 16, 2010

"non medical jobs for medical doctors"

It seems strange to think that medical doctors (and doctors of osteopathy or osteopathic medicine) are typing "non medical jobs for medical doctors" into Google. What are they looking for? A career change? A job board? (we have that by the way)

Why are so many physicians, surgeons, and other types of medical doctors so dissatisfied with their medical career? Is the grass really greener on the other side?

I check Google Analytics data on a regular basis to see how people are coming to Most who come from a search engine like Google or Yahoo are coming here because they're typing "non clinical physician jobs." Recently, I've been seeing more people typing search terms related to career coaching, career counseling, alternative physician careers, physician consulting jobs, the drop out club, online career counseling for physicians, soji's list, jobs for medical students, physician chart review jobs, jobs for retired physicians, and so much more.

What are you looking for? Information? Career advice? Job descriptions? A job board?

Well, I hope you'll spend enough time looking because I think you're going to find quite a bit here.

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