Thursday, May 27, 2010

MIT Career Reengineering Program

The MIT Professional Education - Career Reengineering Program facilitates a complex task: retooling for contemporary science and technology careers. The 12-month, part-time program is designed as a series of educational experiences that will connect students with emerging technological fields and leverage their strengths into a strategic career plan.

Student Plan of Action:

  • Assess your professional strengths and create a plan to build knowledge, skills, and networks.
  • Select an MIT course that will offer you current knowledge in your field or establish expertise in a new field.
  • Make full use of a world-renowned learning community through educational and networking opportunities in seminars, conferences, and lectures.
  • Put new knowledge to work through an internship or research opportunity aligned with your career goals.
  • Construct a strategic job search plan that is tailored to your interests, abilities, and job market opportunities.
  • Develop a team of peers and mentors within the Career Reengineering Program and MIT to support your career aspirations.
  • Focus on personal development as a long-term, career-enhancement strategy.

Here are some examples of student profiles:
  • Sunita... Stepping from academics into pharmaceuticals
  • Charles ...Catching up with nanotechnology
  • John...Launching a high-tech start-up
  • Ken...Learning state-of-the-art portfolio management
  • Ramon... Translating technical skills into economic development
Learn more about the MIT Career Reengineering Program here.

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