Sunday, April 25, 2010

Project managers and salary survey results

How much could you make if you went into project management? Bloomberg Businessweek recently published a story titled, "Inside Project Managers' Paychecks: Salary Survey Results." The data is from the Project Management Institute's (PMI) recently released 2009 Project Management Salary Survey.

Here's some interesting data:
The median base salary for a project management professional in the U.S. is $100,000. Three-fourths of survey respondents earn more than $84,000 per year, and one-fourth of survey respondents take home an annual base salary of more than $120,000.
PMI's salary survey also reveals what project management professionals earn according to a variety of variables, including:
* their title
* educational background
* whether they hold a PMP certification (and how long they've held it)
* the department they work in
* their industry
* the type of project they work on (e.g. construction, IT, R&D)
* the average size of their project team and budget
* gender (here we go with the gender-salary gap again!)
If you're curious, you can read the full Bloomberg Businessweek article here.

So how is this information relevant for physicians and other health care professionals who wish to pursue alternative careers? Project management is critical in every industry, but there are some industries where physicians may be expected to have stronger skills in project management. For instance, the health information technology or health IT industry is one particular industry where project management experience is very valuable. What type of experience you do you have managing an electronic health record (EHR) implementation? What about transitioning from paper orders to computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems?

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