Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Physician Employment Contracts

What do you need to know about physician employment contracts? In the world of clinical medicine, you may be used to working with attorneys who will review your employment contracts and even negotiate on your behalf. Does that happen in the corporate world? Yes and No. It depends.

It really depends on the type of position you're pursuing. If you're breaking out of medicine into a brand new industry, you may be applying for the same types of positions that are often filled by PharmDs and PhDs. Just because you have an MD or DO doesn't guarantee that you'll be a stronger candidate or that you'll earn more money. I don't think you should expect to see very complex employment contracts in these types of jobs. On the other hand, if you're pursuing jobs in medical management or in senior management positions, then your roles/responsibilities could involve many different elements and you'll probably want an attorney to review your employment contract.

Speaking of employment contracts, if you're new to medicine, you may want to visit the NEJM Career Center and learn about physician employment contracts.

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