Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking for medical student "advocates" and "champions" for

I had a great time speaking with medical students at the Association of MD/MBA Programs 8th Annual Conference. I realize that there are many medical students (especially Asian students) who may feel trapped by medical school because they don't want to practice medicine but they also don't know how they'll make a living and pay off their student loans. These students may not have an MBA, but if they think that an MBA is required in order for them to establish a non-clinical career, then they may feel hopeless or discouraged. Perhaps you know what I'm talking about or you know someone who can relate to this.

Most medical schools lack resources regarding alternative physician career options. It's difficult to find mentors and faculty members who may be very knowledgeable about non-clinical job opportunities. Even if you're in an MD/MBA program, you may only hear about industries like consulting, VC, and pharma. There are many other options out there!

So many medical students have told me that this website has been a helpful resource for them. To spread the word about, I'm looking for medical students who would be willing to be an "advocate" or a "champion" for this website. What am I looking for?  I'm looking for students who can help me spread the word about this site by wearing a T-shirt and also by distributing some flyers for your classmates. Interested? You don't need to be an MD/MBA student, but you need to be a medical student (preferably in a US medical school). If you're currently a medical student and you'd like to get involved as an "advocate" or "champion" then please contact me.

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