Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thanks for helping me reach 500 fans on Facebook (

I began a Facebook fan page for last October. It's been 6 months and I've actually enjoyed this little social experiment. Even though I write 4 different blogs, has gained a significant amount of momentum since I secured the URL last spring and it's been a great journey for me.

I want to thank all the fans out there for helping me reach 500 fans in 6 months!  If we got 500 fans in 6 months, how many fans can we get over the next 6 months? Will we exceed 1,000 fans by this October?  Given that the new health care reform bill may cause more physicians to explore non-clinical jobs and alternative careers, perhaps we'll see many more fans on Facebook.

Make sure to tell others about so they can learn about non-clinical career options for physicians and other health care professionals who are interested in alternative careers in medicine. There aren't too many resources on the Internet for physicians who wish to transition out of clinical medicine and my hope is that this website and community (found on will help clinicians find the right non-clinical job opportunities.

If you're not a fan on Facebook, show your support:

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