Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free coaching session for one medical student who doesn't match this year

Match Day is March 18 and it's coming up! Given that someone always does not match (and is also unable to scramble into an open residency spot), I'm offering a free job/career coaching session for a medical student who doesn't match (or scramble) this year.  If you didn't match this year, do you have a backup plan? What are the best job options in today's economy? How can you make that single year very productive and optimize your chances to match next year?

Maybe you matched, but you know someone who didn't match. You can help that person by giving him/her a chance to get some free job/career coaching. Enter the contest and transfer the prize if you win!

I'll be holding a random-number drawing and will announce a winner on April 30.  So, between now and April 30, you must do the following in order to enter the contest:
  1. You must have a Twitter account and you must follow me (@DrJosephKim) on Twitter. 
  2. You must re-tweet this blog post.
  3. You must have a Facebook account and you must become a fan of all 4 of my blogs on Facebook. Click on the following links for each Facebook fan page:
That's it!  You need to follow these rules to enter the contest. On April 30, I will announce the winner by holding a random drawing. If you win, then you can either receive the coaching session yourself, or you can transfer the session to someone else.

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