Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kellogg Executive Education

Physicians are often too busy to enroll in full-time business programs, but executive programs can be appealing because they cater to busy schedules. Kellogg has some great programs. Here's a little intro about Kellogg at Northwestern University: 
Executive Education at the Kellogg School is the most direct way to make an immediate impact on the practice of management. Our unique approach to executive education focuses on creating a collaborative learning environment. This experience inspires program participants to put new ideas into action to meet today’s toughest business challenges.
They offer an executive MBA, but they also have some open enrollment programs that focus on management, leadership, strategy, and more.  Several of my good friends are graduates of Kellogg and we've explored several health consulting opportunities together. To learn more about some of these executive education opportunities, click here to visit the Kellogg Executive Education website.

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