Thursday, January 7, 2010

Medscape medical students are exploring non-clinical career options

I found this to be quite fascinating. The "Top 10" articles for medical students in 2009 published on Medscape were titled:
1. Residency Interview Success and Debacle
2. USMLE prep quizzes
3. Ask the Experts (advice columns on med school and residency)
4. Residency Match: Avoid Getting Burned
5. What Is PM&R?
6. Not Sure That Medicine Is Right for You? Get Career Tips Here
7. Personal Life, Professional Life: Drawing the Line
8. Twelve Steps for Choosing a Specialty
9. Young Doctors: Saddled With Debt and a Deflated 401(k)? Here's Help
10. A Dying Patient's Wish
You probably noticed that #6 is titled, "Not Sure That Medicine Is Right for You? Get Career Tips Here."

This article was written by Colin T. Son and he says, "That may explain why Dr. Joseph Kim has such an interest in non-clinical opportunities for clinicians ... He uses his blog to explore careers in consulting, entrepreneurship, medical education, the pharmaceutical industry, and more. He encourages clinicians who are no longer interested in the traditional practice of medicine to consider other careers..."

You can view that Medscape article by clicking here

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