Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 Reasons to Earn Your Master of Science in Medical Informatics

I got this e-mail the other day and I thought it would be helpful to share this information. This is not meant to be an advertisement for an online degree program. Instead, I wanted to address some of the questions I often encounter regarding formal education and training in the world of health IT. Here's the body of the e-mail:
The arrival of the New Year has always been a time for reflecting on the past, and more importantly, looking forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes we want to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

Make furthering your education part of your New Year resolution by earning a Master of Science in Medical Informatics from Northwestern University.
Here are a few reasons to note:
1. Professional Stability - Earn your graduate degree while maintaining your current employment position
2. Advancement - Earning a graduate degree will position you for a leadership position
3. Immersion - Leverage your work experience in the fields of health care and IT
4. Influence - Graduate with the ability to facilitate standards for the proper management of medical information
5. Network - Experience the value of studying with other leading health informatics professionals
6. Distinguished - Study with leaders in partnership with the world-renowned Feinberg School of Medicine
7. Faculty - Learn from doctoral-level faculty who provide support and direction throughout the program
8. Flexibility - Manage your study and coursework schedule around your current lifestyle
9. Commitment - We are committed to your success and the advancement of the Medical Informatics profession
10. Financial Aid - Opportunity to apply for aid is available to all program applicants
Graduate by this time in two years with your Master of Science in Medical Informatics online from Northwestern University.
So, do you feel motivated to pursue some formal education and training in medical informatics? You can learn more about the Master of Science in Medical Informatics online from Northwestern University by clicking here.

On a side note: I almost attended Northwestern University for college. It was #2 and MIT was #1. Fortunately, I was accepted to my first choice, so I ended up in Boston instead of Chicago. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have changed if I had gone to Northwestern. Who would I have married? (I met my wife at MIT)

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