Monday, January 4, 2010

Health Information Technology (Health IT) jobs for physicians

Many physicians are looking for jobs in the health IT industry, but they don't know where to get started. There are many clinical informatics positions available for nurses, but what about for physicians? Unless you're looking to be a Chief Medical Information Officer or CMIO in a hospital or medical center, you may have some difficulty identifying specific health IT jobs in the public and private sectors. Let's take a look at some of the different areas that are rapidly growing these days:
  • Analysts and Implementation Specialists. Physicians are selecting and implementing electronic health/medical record (EHR or EMR) and they need assistance in knowing which EHR to select, how to implement the system, how to modify their current workflow structure, how to train their staff, etc. Look for titles such as Clinical Systems Analyst, Lead Analyst, Informaticist, Implementation Specialist, Health IT Specialist, Pharmacy Analyst, Medical Analyst, Systems Analyst, etc. Many of these jobs are highly technical positions that require you to have a background in engineering, programming, etc.
  • Directors and Managers. There will always be a need for managers to oversee projects. So, you may see job titles such as Project Manager, Team Lead, Health IT Director, EHR or EMR Manager, EHR or EMR Director, Director of Health Information Management, Medical Director of Informatics, CMIO, etc.
  • Trainers and Application Coordinators. These positions may still be of interest, even though they aren't the most appropriate settings for physicians. 
  • Consultants. Physicians make great consultants, especially for start-up companies that are entering the health IT space. Do you have what it takes to be an EMR or EHR Consultant? Medical Informatics Consultant. Clinical Informatics Consultant.
Some health IT companies may also rely on physicians for health content, the application of clinical decision support, strategic planning, etc. So, there are positions that may require people to think "outside of the box." Many of these health IT jobs are geared for nurses, but physicians can also jump in and play an active role in the health IT space if they know how and where to get started.

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