Sunday, November 8, 2009

Balancing work and life

I've found that even though I'm now working in the non-clinical setting, I'm still challenged to balance professional work with my personal life. I'm married. I have a family. I have yard work (I was out in the yard all day on Saturday getting rid of many leaves).

I enjoy spending time with my family, but I'm also quite busy with my day job, my blogs, and some formal and informal consulting opportunities. One way to increase my free time at home is to reduce my blogging, so as my the "busy meter" goes into the red zone labled, "way too busy and spread too thin," the blogging will be the first thing to go. I enjoy writing and I can do it fairly quickly, but I'll need to find some technology that will take my thoughts and automatically transcribe them to a blog post.

Some of you are considering non-clinical careers because you think these options will allow you to have more time with you family. What many people don't realize is that some non-clinical careers will reduce your free time even more because you'll be expected to work late evenings and weekends. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well, the difference is that you won't have partners who can cover your shifts.

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