Monday, October 5, 2009

Non-clinical physician jobs in HR

By HR, I'm referring to Human Resources. If you're a physician and you're considering a major career change, consider this: you can work as a recruiter in an executive search firm. Your job would be to place physicians into different types of jobs. You'd be a "head hunter" or a "search consultant" and if you're good, you may find that this type of job is financially rewarding. A job as a recruiter requires tremendous persistence, but you may have a head start if you have an extensive network of contacts and connections (do you know what all your medical school classmates are up to these days?).

Recruiting has been very difficult in this current economy. However, the world of health care is very different and physicians are still looking for new jobs and many are finding them through the help of recruiters. After all, how much time can a busy physician devote to finding a new job?

To learn more about the world of physician recruitment, you may want to read this book, titled:
Physician Recruitment And Employment

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