Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BIOMEDevice Forum

If you're interested in a non-clinical career that involves medical devices, then consider attending the BIOMEDevice Forum this December 9-10 in San Jose, CA. This conference isn't only about medical devices - it also covers biotechnology, pharma, etc. Here's a snippet regarding this upcoming event:
The third annual BIOMEDevice San Jose Executive Forum is the West Coast’s premier executive level conference focusing on cross sector collaborations among the biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries and convergent medical technologies.

Exploring ways to improve quality and reliability, shorten time to market, and increase efficiencies is always good business practice–but perhaps never more so than in today's challenging economy. BIOMEDevice, an MD&M Event, provides your best opportunity of the year to meet hundreds of knowledgeable suppliers and return to your work place with the fresh ideas you need to make your business stronger and more profitable.
This year's Forum will address the following topics:
• FDA-effective enforcement
• New patent rulings and their impact on convergent technologies
• Communicating the complexities of convergent technologies to the investment community
• Anticipating and adapting for the future of life science cross-sector collaborations

These types of events are excellent social networking opportunities. I wish I could go to all of these, but there's no way I could afford to travel that much (plus, the registration fee isn't inexpensive). However, if you're considering a career change and you wish to explore your options, then this type of event could be a good place to gain some exposure and meet people.

To learn more about this upcoming Medical Device and Manufacturing (MD&M) event, visit this link.

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