Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MSL positions are opening up all over the country

It seems like MSL (medical science liaison) positions are opening up all over the country as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies anticipate new drug launches. These companies are primarily looking for candidates who have some type of doctorate degree in the health sciences (MD, DO, PharmD, PhD, or equivalent)

In order to be an MSL, you need the ability to understand and speak a high level of clinical science as you interact with academic faculty members, physicians, pharmacists, and other scientific individuals. Be prepared to travel all the time if you're an MSL (roughly 50%, but some require more and some require less).

Not interested in traveling very much? Then you should not consider a job as an MSL. You simply won't be happy if you're constantly traveling. Field experience is very important if you're trying to climb the corporate ladder within pharma. This is one reason why some experienced corporate executives will transition into a field position to gain that experience.

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