Monday, October 19, 2009

Career transition and outplacement services for physicians

There are many different groups out there that provide career transition and outplacement services. However, how many of them focus on serving physicians? I don't think you'll find that many that specialize in physicians and other health care professionals who are transitioning from a clinical practice to the business world of non-clinical opportunities.

What can you find if you search on the Internet? Try typing words like "career transition" and "outplacement services" and let's see what we find. Not living in North America? Try searching for regional services. For example, if you live in Australia, you may want to type something like "outplacement services sydney" into Google and see what you get. If you live in another country and you're looking for jobs in the U.S., I still encourage you to leverage international resources that have experience helping people with career transition services in the countries where you're interested in finding a job.

Right now, one of the biggest challenges associated with outplacement services in the United States is that employers have limited funds to pay for these types of expensive services. Displaced employees generally don't have the funds to pay for outplacement services, so they are often left looking by themselves.

I always advise unemployed individuals to reach out into their social network and look for opportunities through the people they know. So many people have entered the non-clinical world through someone who knew someone who then arranged for a job interview. If you're not tapping into your social network, then you may be missing some valuable opportunities to find employment.

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