Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MECC = Medical Education and Communications Company

The acronym MECC stands for: Medical Education and Communications Company. MECC. Some MECCs focus on certified continuing medical education (CME) while other MECCs focus on promotional medical education. Some MECCs are independent companies while others are extensions of medical publishers and advertising agencies. Some MECCs are even non-profit.

So, what does a MECC do?
  • Assist academic faculty with the development of content for a CME satellite symposium.
  • Assist with monographs and journal supplements (CME and non-CME).
  • Assist with journal publications (clinical studies, review articles, etc.)
  • Assist with the development of slides for grand rounds, dinner meetings, etc.
  • and much more...
In the past, some MECCs were involved in ghost writing, but those days are gone, right?

The term "MECC" may be evolving because in the past, some MECCs were involved in developing both CME and non-CME activities. Now, MECCs must choose to stay on one side of the fence. Therefore, I think the word "communication" should come out of "MECC" for CME companies and the word "education" should come out of "MECC" for promotional companies.

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