Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Traveling for work

I'm traveling for work, so I won't have time to write much. However, the topic of "traveling for work" is often of interest for physicians who plan to transition into the business world of healthcare.

Today, I'm in Florida for a business meeting. In and out. One day meeting.

Fortunately, I don't travel too much, so I'm able to spend a good amount of time at home. However, many  physicians who work for pharma/biotech or even medical device companies are traveling all the time! So, if you value time with your family, consider your willingness to travel as you look for non-clinical jobs. Some people love to travel. I don't mind it, but I certainly don't enjoy it when I'm not traveling with my family for pleasure. I'd rather sit at a beach and read a book than work on my computer in a hotel room or airplane.

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