Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tips for job interviews

When you go for your first job interview, it can be a bit unnerving. Maybe the last time you had to interview for anything, you were a medical student interviewing for a residency position. Some people are naturally comfortable during interviews while others need to consciously think and concentrate about how they answer questions.

At, you can read some articles that provide interviewing tips. If you're interviewing for a corporate job for the first time, you may encounter some unusual types of questions. They're not trying to "pimp" you like you're a medical student (pimping refers to the art of asking medical students questions during rounds. these questions may also go up the food chain to residents and fellows, but they're meant to teach - although sometimes you may feel humiliated if you're being pimped in front of peers and patients)

Job interview questions are often casual and easy (tell me about yourself), but they can also be very difficult (how would you solve the national health crisis?). Interviewers may want to assess your ability to think and process information. They want to evaluate your leadership capabilities. How do you handle conflict? (tell me about a time when you faced conflict and you had to had to defend yourself in front of your peers). How do you face opposition? (describe a time when you had an opinion that opposed the majority and explain how you convinced others to adopt your view)

My tips for job interviews is simple: practice going through some mock interviews with trained professionals and learn from the feedback that you receive. It also obviously helps to read books, articles, etc. However, nothing compares to actually thinking on your feet and reacting to the types of questions that may asked (how many cups of water would it take to fill this room?)

To read some online resources on the topics of job searching and job interviewing, visit:

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