Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why Physicians Choose to Move to Non-Clinical Positions

This is a guest post written by Adrienne Carlson.

Why Physicians Choose to Move to Non-Clinical Positions

It’s a long and arduous road that leads to becoming a doctor, so you would think that once there, people do not want to leave at all. They’re only interested in furthering their careers and moving up the skill scale. So it comes as a small surprise when you see that physicians choose to move to non-clinical positions which neither pay as well nor offer the same kind of prestige that being a doctor does. But, people do make the change, because:
  • Money is no longer the driving factor: They’ve reached a point in their life where they’ve made enough money to live comfortably. And with their kids all grown up and out of the nest, there’s no driving need to keep making more and more of the green stuff. This is why doctors don’t mind when they take on non-clinical positions that don’t pay as much as they’re used to earning.
  • The desire to be an entrepreneur is strong: Some physicians are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug – they want to set up their own business. And so they quit their practices or positions at hospitals and other healthcare settings. Perhaps it is the challenge of something new, perhaps it is more suitable for their temperaments; whatever the reason, they do make the switch from medical man to businessman.
  • They are no longer fully fit to practice medicine: There are some doctors, especially surgeons, who are not able to perform their duties because of physical infirmities due to aging or accidents. Their hands may not be as steady or they may have suffered debilitating and permanent injuries that prevent them from working efficiently in the OR. They then choose to stay on in the medical field, in a non-clinical position.
  • They prefer to slow down the pace: Some doctors want to slow things down as they grow older. They want more time for their families and personal needs, and so they choose to move to a less demanding job.
  • They don’t like practicing medicine: Sounds strange, but it is true. Some doctors hate to practice medicine and treat patients, although they do wish to stay on as part of the medical fraternity. Non clinical positions allow them to seek alternative employment options within hospital settings.
The move from a clinical to a non-clinical setting is one that requires a great deal of thought and deliberation, because the new job will not pay as much as the old one or come with the same amount of responsibility and status.

This guest article was written by Adrienne Carlson, who regularly writes on the topic of radiography technician salary. Adrienne welcomes your comments and questions at her email address:

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