Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top posts in July for

July was a really busy month here on as we launched a career counseling service that attracted a very large number of physicians who are interested in pursuing non-clinical careers in medicine. To be quite candid, I was overwhelmed by the response and it was beyond what I was expecting. It was a good month and I think we'll see some interesting developments in August.

Thanks to those who submitted a guest blog post in July. Here are the top posts for July:
  1. Non-Clinical Medical Opportunities for Physicians and Other Clinicians

  2. The Best Non-Clinical Healthcare Jobs

  3. 5 High Paying Medical Careers That Don't Require A 4+ Year Degree

  4. Find a Non-Clinical Mentor

  5. 20 Highest Paying Jobs

  6. Consulting for McKinsey or the Boston Consulting Group

  7. Freelance Medical Writing Jobs on Elance

  8. How do you find non-clinical jobs?

  9. 10 tips for physicians interested in a health IT career

  10. Health IT Jobs for Physicians

This month, search engine traffic represented 29% of the overall site traffic. You can probably guess what people are typing into Google to land here.

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