Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Non-clinical physician careers and golf

I know many physicians who golf. I also know many who don't golf. You don't have to golf to be a successful physician.

However, if you want to succeed in the non-clinical world of healthcare, you may want to learn how to play golf. You see, social interactions and relationship-building skills play critical roles in your ability to establish key networking opportunities. What happens if key members of your company frequently have golf outings and you refuse to play because you don't know how to play? What happens if your boss wants you to meet his/her boss on the golf course?

Am I being silly? Perhaps. However, I am stressing the importance of social interactions, so don't get caught up with the details. Many (certainly, not all) physicians tend to isolate themselves from social networking. They fail to recognize the importance of establishing and maintaining critical relationships both within and outside the company. Golf is a great way to keep those relationships alive. Last week, I had the chance to play golf with some great people both within and outside of my company. It was a great time to casually get to know each other in non-threatening environment.

If you do end up golfing with your boss, make sure to let him/her win. (Your promotion may depend on that!)

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