Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Evening MBA programs for physicians

I know several people who have received their MBAs through evening programs. Does it make sense for you to get your MBA this way? If you're a physician, then you probably can't afford to devote yourself to a full-time MBA program. After all, 1-2 years of lost physician income is very difficult to make up. So what are your options if you don't want to pursue a full-time MBA?
  • Part-time MBA (Generally very flexible. Take courses at your own pace. May involve evening courses and/or online courses.)
  • Executive MBA (Structured. Generally a fixed combination of weekend courses and evening courses. May require some extended time on campus.)
  • Online MBA (Some are quite rigid and structured while others are very flexible. Some are 100% online while others require time on campus.)
Or, simply:
  • No MBA (Are you sure you need an MBA?)
Still not sure what to do? Read my other MBA-related posts to explore your options. Remember that an MBA is not necessary if you're planning on making the transition into the non-clinical side of medicine. An MBA may help you understand some of the fundamental business principles, but it won't automatically open doors for you (unless you have some strong social connections from your MBA network).

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