Friday, August 14, 2009

MPH during residency?

One question that often comes up is: "Should I get an MPH (Master of Public Health) while I'm going through residency?"
  • If you're in a preventive medicine residency, you're probably getting an MPH through your residency program.
  • If you're in a fairly "busy" residency, you probably won't have time for the MPH coursework during residency. You could take one year off and do an intensive one-year MPH.
  • If you're in a rather "cush" residency, then I suppose you could take a few MPH courses and start your MPH degree. However, you probably won't finish the MPH before your residency is over.
Remember: you can always get your MPH after you complete your residency. If you take one or two courses each semester, it's really not too bad.


  1. are there any combined MPH/psychiatry residency programs?
    SSWhitfield MD

  2. I'm not aware of any psychiatry residencies that also provide an MPH. You can often get an MPH in one year, so you may find a program that is willing to let you take a year off to do some research, pursue an MPH, etc. That may be worth exploring.