Friday, August 7, 2009

Finding a non-clinical physician job

What's the best way to find non-clinical physician jobs? If you're transitioning out of clinical medicine, then you may not know where to begin. For seasoned physician executive veterans who know have been out of clinical medicine for several years, the search can still be difficult in today's economic environment. Where do you begin?
  • Search engines: Physicians often type "non-clinical physician jobs" into Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo. Are they finding what they need?
  • Recruiters: What about executive recruiters (also known as headhunters, executive search consultants, etc.)? How many do you know? I currently have a growing list of them and I maintain that list regularly.
  • Job boards: Here, you may get overwhelmed by the types of jobs that are listed on Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, Hot Jobs, etc. Do you know what to look for when you're searching job boards? Are you able to filter your results?
  • Social networking: If you have an extensive social network, then you can reach out and see if anyone may know of any potential leads. The power of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter may help you tremendously.
  • Job fairs: Not a bad place to start if you have an open mind and if you're willing to be a sales rep, a medical science liaison (MSL) or some other type of field agent.
  • Company websites: Here, you may have some luck if you're looking at large corporations. Even smaller companies often list a "Careers" section on their website. Be prepared to fill out a bunch of online applications.
  • Newspapers: I don't know that you'll find much here these days.
  • Medical journals: You may find some great clinical opportunities, but you'll see few (if any) non-clinical physician job listings.
So, how do you plan to look for your next non-clinical physician job? I hope you plan to use a combination of the approaches listed above.

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