Sunday, July 5, 2009

Search engine keywords for

What do you think are the main keywords that lead people to this website? What are people typing into Google to get here? I don't think you be very surprised by this list of keywords:
  • non clinical physician jobs
  • non clinical jobs for physicians
  • non clinical jobs
  • medical writing jobs
  • non clinical medical jobs
  • non clinical careers for physicians
  • non-clinical physician jobs
  • non clinical jobs for doctors
  • public health jobs california
  • medical jobs
  • non clinical physician careers
  • non-clinical jobs for physicians
  • leaving the bedside: the search for a non-clinical medical career
  • nonclinical physician jobs
  • physician salaries
  • non clinical medical careers
  • non-clinical medical careers
  • non-clinical medical jobs
  • clinical jobs
  • freelance medical writer jobs
  • freelance medical writing jobs
Over the last 30 days (month of June), search engine traffic represented roughly 30% of my site traffic. Before that (prior 30 days or the month of May), it represented 21%.

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