Saturday, July 11, 2009

Join me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Ning

I'm a social networker. I've helped many people get connected, find potential jobs, and network with other healthcare professionals who have similar interests. In the world of medicine, networking isn't so crucial (relatively speaking). In the world of business, networking is absolutely essential.

I invite you to join me on LinkedIn. I currently have about 800 connections that link me to over 13,000,000+ professionals and I'm always open to growing my network so that I may help others. My LinkedIn profile can be found here:

Need my e-mail address to add me to your network? Go to this page ("contact me") to view my e-mail address.

While you're building your social network, why don't you join me on Twitter (@DrJosephKim) and also join my free Ning social network: "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals" (which currently has 686 members).

So, there you have it. I'm inviting you to join me on three different social networking sites:
  1. LinkedIn (
  2. Twitter (@DrJosephKim)
  3. Ning ("Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals")
If you're not using these social networking sites, then you may be missing out on some incredible opportunities to help others (not to mention the opportunities that may be out there for you!)

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