Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Expand your social network this summer

Whether you're looking for a new job or not, the summer is a great time to expand your social network. You have more opportunities to socialize with people whether you're at the beach, a picnic, camping, or at a sporting event. If you're the shy type, then you may need to make some extra effort to expand your social network. If you're very extroverted, then you probably won't have any problems meeting new people through various social networking channels.

I've had the opportunity to grow my network considerably through a combination of blogging, using LinkedIn, following interesting people on Twitter, participating in online forums, and reconnecting with old colleagues and friends on Facebook.

I try to spend a small bit of time each week on each of these sites so that I can cultivate existing relationships and continue to expand my network. You never know who you may bump into. The other day, I met a very interesting individual on LinkedIn. Last week, I had a very interesting conversation with someone after briefly discussing something on Twitter. Today, I had a wonderful phone conversation with someone I've known superficially for a while. The summer is a great time to get to know people. Make the most of it because summer will be over soon.

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