Monday, June 15, 2009

A Growing Social Network: Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals

For the past few months, the "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals" social network has been growing by approximately 50 people each month. It's now the middle of June and we currently have 632 members.

Do you know any healthcare professionals who are currently working in non-clinical positions? Encourage him or her to join our social network. Perhaps you know people who are interested in pursuing some non-clinical opportunities. Let's build this community so that students, residents, and practicing clinicians may share ideas and help one another find the right opportunities. Perhaps you're interested in starting a new business. Maybe you want to share ideas related to health information technology. Interested in business school? These are some of the topics that you can discuss with other healthcare professionals.

Social networking is such a powerful way to find new career opportunities and promote your own professional development. I've learned so much about leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook to find some new and exciting opportunities in blogging, consulting, and reconnecting with old friends and colleagues. I've also found that these social networks are very useful tools when you want to help a friend or colleague find a new job. How have you been leveraging your social network to help others?

Join the "Non-Clinical Healthcare Professionals" social network and spread the word!

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