Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Facebook Connections and Health IT

I just found out that one of my high school friends (from many years ago, before the days of computers, PDAs, and smartphones) has been working for a health information technology (health IT) company. I had no idea! I had lost contact after graduating from high school, but then we got reconnected a few years ago on Facebook. There are countless other examples where social networking websites have allowed people to make both professional and personal connections. If you're not leveraging social networking websites, then you are probably not maximizing your potential to find new opportunities in the non-clinical space.

So, in case you're wondering about the company: it's called Medicity. If you'd like more information about this company, contact me and I may be able to get you connected with my high school classmate.

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  1. hubby actually must have been listening to me, he actually linked himself with someone today on linkedup without my prompting. I think this job search is tweaking his computer skills as well. He had a good phone interview today with DeVry and has another phone interview with another college on Tuesday :) Glad you reconnected with your bud.