Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 Months to Reach 10,000 Followers on Twitter

If you've been following my blog posts about Twitter, you've been seeing how my follower count has been growing steadily over the last 3 months.

I began seriously using Twitter in mid-April. I was one of those people who had created a Twitter account in 2008. I wasn't impressed, so I didn't do anything with my account. I hardly followed anyone and I had about 30 followers on April 1.

After I decided to take Twitter for a serious spin, I quickly learned the basics and started using different social networking strategies to grow my follower count. I never spent any $, and here I am with over 10,000 followers!

So why did I decide to take Twitter for a serious spin in April? That's when I started getting very serious about blogging. Up to then, I had blogged mainly as a hobby and I did it very casually. I'm now at the point where you might be able to consider me a "professional blogger." It has become my moonlighting (Moonlighting on the Computer). When I decided to get serious about blogging, I knew that I needed to expand my social network. Twitter has become a broadcast medium for me. It's also been a fun social networking experiment. Twitter now represents 9-17% of my blog traffic (depends on the blog since I have 4 different blogs). If you're a serious blogger, then make sure to leverage the power of Twitter. Follow me @DrJosephKim and I'll follow you back.

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