Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Medical Television

I don't watch much television. Why? Because I spend my time blogging (and I'm also writing a book). Do you watch a lot of television? Several of my colleagues have Direct TV. The channel selection seems endless. This makes it very easy for them to watch popular medical shows like ER, Gray's Anatomy, House, and even General Hospital. I don't have time to watch most of these shows, but I may catch an occasional episode when I'm visiting a friend who has a Direct TV System. I also admit that I've used my computer to watch an occasional television show, but that's because I'm always sitting in front of my computer. If you enjoy these types of shows and you're interested in writing episodes for them, perhaps you can find some non-clinical writing opportunities in the entertainment industry. Care to move to Hollywood?

Sometimes I wonder about the future of satellite entertainment. For instance, what's going to happen with satellite radio? Will it survive? Satellite television is doing well and that's probably because all the medical programs are so popular among medical students, nurses, physicians, and even non-medical people. Medical students actually learn quite a bit by watching ER. Direct TV Service is getting very popular these days and I see ads for it all the time. According to the FCC, analog television will be gone and replaced with digital television June 12, 2009. Have you received your converter box already? Make sure you get some free coupons so that you don't have to purchase a converter box. That way, you won't have to miss an episode of ER.

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