Sunday, March 1, 2009

Overwhelmed by Medical Education?

Because of the wealth of medical information that is currently available on the Internet, I often wonder whether physicians, nurses, and pharmacists are overwhelmed by educational content. Some content may be inaccurate, outdated or biased, but the content is there. Is there enough? Or too much? We all know that certain disease states attract a ton of attention (e.g., diabetes, breast cancer, heart failure, etc.)

What about the less common conditions? Aplastic anemia? Swallow syncope? More and more healthcare professionals are using Internet search engines to find the answers to their clinical questions, but are the sources of information accurate and reliable? Unfortunately, most of the time the answer is no.

At the same time, clinicans are so busy that they hardly have any time to sit down and receive any formal education. So what's the best way to learn and to stay up-to-date on current topics? Medical technology is advancing so quickly that unless you're continually updated with new information, you'll quickly fall behind and continue old practice patterns.

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