Thursday, January 1, 2009

Google Data

Thanks to Google, I have access to some interesting data regarding search statistics on Google. Traffic to my blog may be tiny compared to others, but I find it interesting that certain unanticipated words lead to my blog. Do you use Google to search the internet? Maybe you use Yahoo?

Here's some data from Google. I will only list the top 5 as of January 1, 2009


# % Query Position
1 19% non clinical jobs for physicians 6
2 17% non clinical physician jobs 6
3 8% physician nonclinical job 5
4 8% sermo 9
5 6% non clinical careers for physicians 9


# % Query Position
1 45% non clinical physician jobs 6
2 9% physician jobs "non clinical" 4
3 9% "non clinical" physician jobs 5
4 9% physician non clinical jobs 5
5 9% physician nonclinical job 5

Interesting data?

1 comment:

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