Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Genomic Medicine Career Forum at JAX-GM

Attend The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine Career Forum

The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
Farmington, Connecticut
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
4pm to 7pm

Want to join a world-class research team? Come find out about the successes at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine (JAX-GM), and discover where JAX-GM is going and why your next career step should be to join JAX-GM. JAX is a leader in genomic medicine with eight decades of experience using genetics and genomics to accelerate scientific discovery and precise solutions to human disease. Every job we offer contributes to our mission of discovering precise genomic solutions for disease and empowering the global biomedical community in our quest to improve human health.

At the Jackson Laboratory Career Forum in Farmington, Connecticut, attendees will learn from world-class scientists about cutting-edge research, engage with senior business leaders, and meet with hiring managers to discuss openings in Computational Science, Genomic Research, IT/Software and Post-Doctoral roles. Click here to view the job profiles.

Scientists at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine (JAX-GM) are leading genomic research in the areas of Cancer, Immunology, Microbiome, Reproduction/Development, Metabolics/Aging, and Neurosciences. Through this research, JAX-GM is advancing the search for tomorrow's cures for diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Addiction, Breast Cancer, and Diabetes.

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