Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Management and Leadership Pathway at Duke

Duke University offers a unique Management and Leadership Pathway for Residents (MLPR). This program provides future leaders with the knowledge and skills essential to bridge clinical practice and management and become effective physician executives.

The MLPR is a 15- to 18-month rotational experience that allows trainees to work on high-priority initiatives across the Duke University Health System and the School of Medicine. MLPR trainees study across multiple disciplines, including health-system management and operations; financial management and planning; quality improvement and safety; informatics; technology transfer; global strategy and business development; research enterprise management; clinical service enterprise management; and supply chain management.

You can learn more about this interesting program here.

Most applicants apply in December/January of their internship year.

Interested trainees should have a graduate degree in management (e.g. MBA, MHA, etc.) or a minimum of two years management/administrative experience.

Seems like a great opportunity for graduates of an MD/MBA program.

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