Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Become a HERO: Hawthorne Effect Research Outcome Professional

Interested in clinical research or working part-time? Want to supplement your current income?

Here is a unique opportunity to be a "Hawthorne Effect Research Outcome Professional" or "HERO."

Here's some more information about Hawthorne Effect, a technology-enabled network of clinical experts who use a patient-centered approach to radically transform patient follow-up:

Founded in 2014, their focus is to deliver comprehensive and timely data for clinical trials, while focusing on the experience for the patient. They call this network their “HEROs” and they support them with a novel platform for scheduling, onboarding, training, tracking and rewarding their accomplishments.

HEROs work across all medical specialties to enable more timely and complete patient follow-up and improve the clinical trial experience for all stakeholders. Customers are clinical trial sites, sponsors (pharmaceutical and medical device companies) and CROs.

HEROs are matched by visit with patients participating in clinical trials based upon their professional credentials and Hawthorne Effect training certifications, schedule preferences (e.g. evenings, weekends, day off) and the specifications prescribed in clinical trial protocols.

HEROs do not need any prior clinical research experience. They are trained by Hawthorne Effect to provide a unique visit experience and equipped with a modern doctor bag to gather and transmit complete and timely data at each visit.

Using these skilled and compassionate employees, they move patient follow up visits out of the clinic and into a patient-preferred environment (home, local facility, office, etc.) significantly increasing patient satisfaction and compliance by making it easier for patients to participate in trials. This increased patient engagement significantly reduces patient attrition and the amount of missing data that render assessments of safety and efficacy challenging. By enabling patient follow up anytime, anywhere, they also help clinical trial sponsors and trials sites increase access to and diversity within clinical trials.

About HEROs:
Hawthorne Effect Research Outcome (HERO) professionals are licensed MDs, PAs, NPs, RNs, and MedTech professionals throughout the US and Europe.

More importantly, our HEROs believe in hope and seek to offer their patients better lives and health. They embody all that is good and revered in the practice of medicine.

• HEROs understand the importance of human connection and are inspired to make interactions more meaningful for both their patients and themselves.
• HEROs embrace innovation and the use of technology to improve the future of healthcare.
• HEROs challenge convention and embrace creativity.
• HEROs act with integrity and a fierce commitment to the rights of patients.

Employment & Compensation:
HEROs are part time employees of Hawthorne Effect who are paid weekly for the visits they complete. Opportunities will be offered to HEROs based upon their qualifications and visit demand in their geography.

Unlike telemedicine, visits are not “on demand” but rather scheduled well in advance based upon clinical trial protocols. They frequently take place in a patient’s home but may also take place in the patient’s local physician’s office.

Visit needs are determined by the clinical trials and sites that Hawthorne Effect is supporting. Needs vary over time and across geographies and clinical specialties and are offered to the network as they arise.

Compensation per visit, which includes travel expense, varies by clinical trial but is based on a premium over market rates per credential or specialty.

Become a HERO:
If you are interested in part time opportunities to grow your income, experience and career satisfaction; believe you embody the traits presented above; and are passionate about improving opportunities for patients and the quality and impact of medical research, apply to become a HERO here: http://hawthorne-effect.com/hero

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